Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Scarpa Charmoz- 3rd time lucky?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my second pair of Scarpa Charmoz boots had failed in their waterproofing. To be honest, I was never really certain that they actually *were* waterproof in the first place, I just didn't wear them much, and when I did wear them, my feet got damp - for the whole story, read the other blog. 

They got sent back to Mountain Boot Company, Scarpa's agents in the UK. I emailed them detailing their use, and the guys at MBC said that didn't sound right, and to send them in for testing.
Brand new. Ready to be tested. 
They got sent about a month ago and I didn't hear anything from them for 4 weeks. A little concerned, I emailed again to ask if they had arrived safely and got a very prompt call back apologising for the lack of response.

The boots had indeed been tested, and there was a defect in the Goretex membrane in BOTH boots. As such, they were replaced, and a new pair arrived on the doorstep the next day.

I am in 2 minds about this.
Fantastic that they have decided to exchange my rubbish leaky pair for a brand new (original style), apparently non-leaky ones.
However, having already had 2 pairs which have been leaky through no fault of my own, I am now faced with another pair of exactly the same boots, which I kind of view with a bit of suspicion. Which is a shame, as I really want to trust them.

The best thing to do is to get them on and get out and stand in a stream, I suppose.
Not that I'm going to do that this evening. But I will have to do so in the next few days. Soaking feet on a test near the house is a much better option than leaky boots while hacking up a hill with a stretcher on your back.

Still. I should reserve judgement on them. I note from a good number of users on UKC that they have had nothing by joy from their boots. Not a leak in sight. So I hope that the membrane will hold out, and, third time lucky - will keep my feet dry and warm.
Thanks to MBC for the new pair. Now lets see what happens.

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