Sunday, 19 January 2014


Language. It's a funny thing, and has an edge that many people don't realise.
It doesn't come easy.
Don't make it any harder. 

I've been doing morning runs- Dawn patrols- for about 4 months now. It is an effort, getting up, getting out and heading off, even for a short run. The strings pulling me back to my nice warm bed are thick with sleepiness and coziness.
Mornings have never been my time. Getting up is a struggle. Normally I'd wander around for an hour, bumping into things, not talk to anyone, or even acknowledge anyone, and struggle to function properly until at least 9 or 930, despite having been "up" for 2 hours.
With the run, I'm up and out before even realising it, and the precious 30 minutes of wake up process occur in the open air. Sometimes in the rain, sometimes in the ice cold brisk dawn, sometimes shared with owls, but always ending with me being social, awake and ready for the day.

If you told me a year ago that I'd be doing this, I would not have believed you in any way shape or form.

Recently, we thought it might be nice to tell others that we do this. These early morning runs, and it might be nice to open up the opportunity to others, previously lacking in motivation or just not really thinking that doing something before 7am was practical, or even possible. Just a pleasant invite to those around us. If you want to join us, this is what we do.

A few have joined. A few have called us "mad". And that pisses me off.
In the beginning, it was hard. Hard to get out of bed. Hard to go out before breakfast. Any excuse was a good excuse not to go, and I had to work hard to get going. It was so, so easy not to do it.
People do not seem to recognise the impact their words have on others.

Saying that its "mad" to get up early, and then even contemplate going for a run, is a negative comment. The person saying it is being derogatory to the people that are trying to get out and improve themselves. Attempting, perhaps without realising it, to bring the do-ers back down to the mediocre level that works for the majority. I have enough trouble with my own little voice in my head telling me to go back to bed, and wouldn't it be easy not to run today, without some insensitive swine telling me I must be "mad" to do what I do.
Keep your bloody opinions to yourself.
Let those who at least try to rise above the dross at least try and damn well do it. Yes, you may be comfortable doing what you do, but that doesn't give you a right to shoot down anyone who tries to do differently. If people doing something that is challenging makes you feel inadequate, makes you feel like you need to tag them as "mad", STOP. Stop attempting to drag them down to your level, and maybe think about actually trying to raise yourself to theirs instead.

Not everyone can cut out the negative comments and crap that comes from your mouths. If you have a negative opinion, THINK before you say/post/tweet it. You might think you're being funny and erudite. You aren't.
You are showing that you can't be bothered to make a positive contribution to other peoples lives, and are attempting to make up for your own lack of motivation and ability with excuses and comments aimed to stop others from even attempting what they want to do.

To be honest, with that attitude, I'd rather you didn't join us. Leave us to enjoy the dawn without you, and don't bother letting us know how "mad" you think we are.

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