Thursday, 21 November 2013

Hot Stones Massage - a new experience.

OK. I may be a little bit biased, but at least I'll mention it up front. I am the other half of Global Therapies, and this is not meant to be an advert - its an honest reflection of the treatment I just received.
Being a massage therapist, as well as a runner for a good number of years has enabled me to know the difference between a good massage and a bad one.

Lynne has been doing Hot Stones Massage alongside regular Sports Massage for the past year, and while I haven't been dismissive of it, I've just always had my legs pummelled and fixed.

I think I may have had a Revelation though.
Yeah, yeah, I know the photos and the cliches... its always women having Hot Stones massages. That is certainly the case of the majority of clientele that we see come through the door... but I think they're a couple of steps ahead of us blokes....

Basalt stone stack
Warmth to the bone. And a proper decent massage to boot. 
Since it has got a fair bit colder, Lynne has been doing a good few more Hot Stones massages and persuaded me to try it. Considering how cold I've been for the past couple of months through dropping weight - and body fat - I figured that I'd go for the warmth.

As a runner, I never really considered what you get with a Hot Stones Massage. Maybe lying down with Hot Stones being plonked on top of you? I suppose that as a therapist I should have taken more interest in it, but I have been a bit busy with needles and taping.

First things first. The warmth of the stones is fabulous - and its not just that they get plonk on you. Instead of using hands for massage, the stones themselves are used as the instruments. It is (or at least in Lynnes case), a full sports massage with Hot Stones as an added bonus.
Deep warmth, knots loosened out, it feels like liquid heat being shone through your body.
Perhaps that doesn't make sense as you read it, but seriously, that's what it feels like.

I don't know what other Hot Stones practitioners are like, but I know that Lynne knows what she is doing. If you need a Sports Massage - seriously, get it done with Hot Stones.
What a feeling.
Fuzzy warmth. Fixed up legs. A back that feels like new. And a nice hot cup of tea.
You can't beat that. I think I'm ready for the Long Tour of Pendle now.

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