Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Last day of the summer/autumn?

On Saturday a small (and select) group of us went for a little run from Glossop to Chinley. The main point of the exercise was of course to get some miles in our legs, and was nothing to do with the fact there was a beer festival going on in Chinley...

The day was beautiful, the running was fantastic, the visibility was spectacular- we could see right the way across to the welsh hills from Chinley Churn.

And of course, the beer was fantastic. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I didn't actually take any pictures of us at the beer festival, but suffice to say we had a delightful run over, followed by a prolonged session of sitting in the sun, chatting, and sampling some rather fine, and in some cases, very quaffable ale.
A lovely day out for what seems to have been the last of the good weather for a fair while.

Charlie, Lynne and Andy taking in the view down toward Chinley

Cracken edge

The Peak district version of the Windows desktop screen

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