Monday, 27 April 2009

London Marathon

I didnt really practice much for the marathon... well, in distance I did, but not on the right surface. Tarmac kills you faster than grass and dirt.
Started out ok, I had a camelbak of 4:1, and a single energy gel.
Led off at the beginning, happy days, quite warm and glad I had my sunnies on, drinking water at the start, but mainly throwing it over my head as we ran around the course.
Didnt actually see anyone that I knew the whole way through.
Bands were terrific and helped us along, and it was the most social run/race I had ever done.
I didnt really notice the miles building up until all of a sudden we were at Tower Bridge, then at the halfway point, and then it started to hurt.
The main pain was in the thighs- the Quads, and it didnt go away.

That was it really- thats the pain. It just carried on right the way through the Isle of Dogs, then back down to the Tower of London, so I grimly hung on, doing laps ranging from 5:15 to 5:35 all the way around.
Finished in 3:46:16, which was about 16 seconds outside of where I wanted to be, but Im going to blame the absurdly crowded areas for that, where I just couldnt get through the people.
Also, My garmin says I ran 43ish km as well, and that I had actually run the 42km in about 3:43 anyway... but there you go.
All done

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