Monday, 27 April 2009

pre marathon fayre

Went to the London Marathon pre-marathon fayre on saturday, very interesting.
Went there early, to do everything that we could, first up was the massive Adidas stand as you walked in, offering gait analysis and footpad technology etc.
(all things considered, the day before the marathon isnt the best time to discover you have a crazy pronation problem, but there you go).

So I did the test, and it turns out that my heel to toe transition is really quick, I spend about 58% of the time with my foot on the ground actually using my toes... so it was suggested that I get a shoe that slows down the transition.
Next up was over to Mizuno, where I had my feet scanned again, and they suggested I have the very shoes that I normally wear- Wave Creation 9- well, the 10 is out now, so they suggested that one instead...
And I also tried on their Harrier- the Yellow trail runner, which is actually very comfortable and has pretty good lugs, so I might try a pair of them out once my current inov8s destroy themselves.
Wandered around a bit and eventually found the High 5 store, where i had a very indepth chat about the 4:1 and stomach cramps with the guy.

Apparently the body can only metabolise about 60g of carbohydrate an hour. if you eat any more than that, it just wells up in the gut, and creates backlog.
with the 4:1, we are delivering about 45g of carbs an hour, and can only accommodate another 15g per hour...
which is about right with the geobars that we eat- half a bar every half hour... but it does slightly go over the limit... hence, by the end of an 8 hour race we NEED water.... interesting.

Cyclops went and bought some MBTs, which I also had a go with, very nice, but, really, I dont have the need or the cash for them at the moment, and we picked up a shed load of stuff.
The goody bag given to us on the way out included a jar of cranberry sauce, and a half pint of London Pride. Riiiiiight

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