Sunday, 22 May 2016

Lantern Pike Dash 2016

Caity and I numbering up
Last of the 3 days in May, and my legs are really feeling it.
Over to the Lantern Pike Inn and the usual suspects are beginning to turn up. This is a proper race. Sign up is in a horsebox in a field, there is a stream crossing, a fence to jump and the potential to be mauled by some aggressive looking geese before climbing an absurdly steep hill to the top, turning around and running back down it again.

Not a lot to say about it apart from the insanely fast dash down the first field - my hamstrings were letting me know that they weren't really appreciating the fact that I was making them run hard for the 4th day in a row. Si Bailey shot off ahead and leapt over the fence, taking the lead from whoever had the opportunity to get through the tiny gap in the fence first.
I must have been about 6th going over the stream, just with Lucas, who I was battling with on Friday.

Photo bomb from Joss
I walked up most of the hill, keeping up mostly with others, but Chris motored past, as did Will M from Pennine. Working as hard as I could I just couldn't keep pace with them. Over the first stile, and onto the second, Lucas, Will and Chris had pulled out a decent lead on me, and Nat (the guy I sprinted against yesterday) was hot on my heels.

Made nothing up on the final ascent, and Si came storming past down the hill, followed after a considerable margin by Alastair Campbell - the winner for the past 2 days.
More people coming past on the way down, and lots of supporters shouting at us at the top.

I made the turn at the trig, blowing hard, and set off down the most direct line I possibly could. Lucas was long gone, but others were just about catchable.
Made no places by the first stile, but was gaining ground, ditto on the second and was right behind another guy.
Caity giving Daz a run for his money
The ground steepened and I shot past him, then Will, then Chris, and was chasing down another guy. We came across the stream and he slowed radically, I put the hammer down and pulled past him, coming in for 5th.
Just under 13 mins.
Si Bailey cruising in for the win

I had to shoot off to something else, so didn't get to stay for prize giving.
Just like to say thanks to the organisers and the marshals for the fantastic races they have put on. Its shown a gaping hole in my training, and thats always a good thing.
Me on the last corner
Well done to Caity for beating the womens record today, and to everyone that has run over these days. Hope you all had as good a time as I did.
This is just how much fun it is.

Thanks to Lynne for the photos and video.
Apologies its not better quality- blogger wouldn't let me upload the original....

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