Sunday, 2 March 2014

This is Why...

Sometimes I get asked why I run.

I was out on Saturday morning, running across the tops. The clouds came in. The clouds cleared. It started snowing- and I was in the middle of no-where. Ice crystals floating through the air, and no-one else around. just grouse and curlews crying across the moor.

I plunged down a valley and up the other side. Alport Trig point - again no footpaths, no foot prints, ice on the ground, snow in the air, Grinah stones across the way with the sun playing on the faces.

A beeline across moor and broken ground, and glorious views up fabulous valleys.
Not even an hour and a half from my front door.

What a great morning out.
Across the moor and into the Alport. And the trig is on that hill in the distance.

Falling Snow and Ice at Alport trig

Look at that. Not even an hour and a half from the front door.
Had me grinning from ear to ear for ages. Well - until I had to climb the hill on the right.
THIS is why I run. 

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