Saturday, 8 March 2014

It's March

That makes it a quarter of the way through the year.
You remember january 1st. That point in the year when you planned all those great things for the rest of the year? The time when anything seemed possible. The time when you thought.. THIS year, really, things will be different. Things will get done.

Now is the time to look back to then. We are 3 months in, what has been done? What has changed? If you are on the road to improvement, those hill reps are coming on, you have a list of things that need to be done and they are getting there, brilliant.
If, however, the list was written down in a pique of excitement, followed for 5, maybe 10 days, and then left alone for a day, only to become disgarded, dusty, under a pile of other stuff and life got in the way, perhaps now is a time to dig it out and think back.

Are these things realistic? Can you change your habits, or are you just stuck, being the same person you always were, meandering along in a sort of semi-trance, waiting for things to happen to you?
I realised that although I loved running in the hills, in order to get faster, hills aren't the only thing that need to be done. Andi Jones is insanely fast on hills, as is Steve Vernon. They train on the flat. There has to be something in it. So I decided I needed to get out and train on some flat stuff.
However, there is a difference between thinking about doing something and actually doing it.
If you think you can do it, or dream you can do it, you can do it.
Don't just sit there thinking and dreaming. Damn well do it. 

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