Friday, 23 August 2013

New years resolutions

Odd title for a post as we come up to August Bank Holiday, however, bear with me.

How many of us started this year, indeed, start every year with some good old fashioned New Years Resolutions? I know I certainly did.
How many of us keep to them?

Not an awful lot, I'd wager.

We're now past the half-way mark of the year, way past it, we've all had 8, nearly 9 months to get on and really get to grips with the person we were last year, and improve upon it as we saw fit, using those Resolutions.
Except, we probably haven't. There was a week of feeling great, getting stuck in, ready to become a new you, and then, slowly - or not so, it all fell by the wayside. Old ingrained habits came back, the old you with its foibles came back, and those resolutions ended up in a crumpled pile somewhere at the back of a drawer, under a cupboard, or festering away in some forgotten folder on your PC.

So how about this.
You have 4 months left til the end of the year. Just over 120 days. That is not long at all.
Have a dig around, look out those resolutions that you wrote down. Have a think about why those things didn't happen, how you can make them happen before the end of the year.
When it gets to December 31st - and it WILL happen - and you think about all those things you could have done throughout the year, it will be too late, and you'll just have to plan for next year - which again, probably won't happen.

Do yourself a favour. Get 4 months ahead of time. Your deadline is the end of the year. It's a lot closer than 8 months ago, but you still have time. You wrote those resolutions for a reason. Get out there and do something about it.

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