Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lake District, in good weather.

Its not often that I get to the Lake District and it is good weather. It certainly isn't all that often that I get to see where I'm going, and for almost that reason, I agreed to go up to the Lakes again this week to accompany Andy on a semi-recce of a couple of legs of the BG.

On the way around I realised that I am certainly not as recovered from last weeks OCT as I thought I was.
There were, however, ample opportunities to see the bits of the OCT that I didn't see last week, having been enshrouded by cloud - and new bits of the area that I have never seen before - mainly because when I HAVE been there, all there was, was cloud.

So I took the opportunity to take some photos.
All in all, 30km and 3000m or so of ascent.
Note that they aren't in order of having been taken, just an arbitrary order that the computer has uploaded them in.

It ain't often I get days like that.

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