Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Cleaning

Yes, there is tread on the Baregrips, but they don't attach to my feet.
Trying to find a place to dry, or even put shoes in our house has been challenging of late. We seem to
accumulate running shoes like running shoes accumulate mud.
It wasn't until a friend of ours commented that our porch looked a little like theirs, in terms of the amount of shoe-age going on, and I realised that they were only seeing half of the collection - the rest was drying (rotting?) on another rack elsewhere in the house, with another load of older, unused ones in a box elsewhere.

Nothing wrong with having a lot of shoes, but when
Deaded PK320s
most of them are blown out and destroyed, and you can't wear them anymore because they literally don't stay on your feet, that's about the time to start thinking about getting rid of them.
Added to that, I see a number of people with problems caused by
Deaded roclite 268
running in clapped out shoes, and if i'm going around telling people their shoes need replacing, while my shoes look like they've gone around the world a couple of times, that doesn't exactly inspire confidence or trust.

So I have finally got rid of the shoes which I have already pronounced "destroyed" on this blog a good few months (even years) ago, and I'm now down to 2 pairs of fell running shoes, a pair of "road" shoes (which I use for dossing around in) and a
Self-bailing Baregrips
Dead Mudroc 260
couple of pairs of work shoes, which tend to be kept relatively clean and in good condition. And, of course a pair of Mudclaws that are nearly on the "out" pile, but I managed to get a last minute reprieve for...

There is a bit of space on the rack now. What to fill it with?!

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