Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Edale Skyline predictions- a look back

Writing some notes for a workshop I'm giving next week, I came across a quick scribble I did last week which had completely slipped my mind.

Lynne asked me how long I thought I was going to take going around Edale Skyline on Sunday, I had no idea, so sat down to roughly work it out.

The long and short of it was that I reckoned on about 3:40, which would bring me in at about 86th place.

As it was, I came in at 3:44:18, and 89th. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I inadvertantly switched off my Garmin part way through so have no idea how close the splits were to predicted, which is a bit annoying, but there you go.

Here is a breakdown of what I know.
Grindslow knoll- predicted 15 mins, actual- about 20
Jaggers clough- predicted 24 mins, actual 27 mins
Winhill summit- predicted 48 mins, actual 1:01
Hope predicted 1:06 actual 1:11

and then it all goes a bit skewy.
So I guess that was pretty good conservative guesstimation of when I might get around.
We were quite impressed- and here is a picture of the way I attempted to work it out. (No apologies for the handwriting).

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