Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Phantom toe injury

Not been out running since last week because I have a rather interesting and exciting thing going on with my second toe on the left foot.
Its been hurting under the distal phalange (the far end of the toe) since the beginning of last week. With a bit of massage and some arnica cream I hoped it would just take care of itself and disappear, but no.

It now REALLY hurts, and it is just under the portion of the toe that I use to "toe off" as I walk and run, so any kind of activity like that is pretty much rendered un-doable.
Any type of standing activity is ok, as long as I don't move around. It's bizarre to be limping about the place like an invalid, but the pain in the toe is significantly worse, and has affected my gait even more so than the achilles heel thing ever did (which was at the beginning of last month).

I have had something like this once before, and that was associated with the cycling shoes I was wearing. I still have the same cycling shoes now, but didn't have any issues with them for a while- at least, not when I was wearing them for a week in London.
All things considered, it was after the time in London that my heel flared up. It is now, after the ride with Ben in quite amusing and chilly conditions that my toe has decided that it doesn't like being stood on. The connection would appear to be the cycling shoes, which is very annoying as its what I am doing to take the strain off my knees instead of booting around bogs in fell shoes.

There doesn't seem to be much I can do about the toe, apart from stay off it as much as possible, give it arnica, and generally not be too active. Its really odd because there is no mark there, no bruising, only a small red patch which stays red (and is really quite painful) when I prod it.
I have since stopped prodding it.

It has been suggested that it could be a nerve issue- but I don't think so, as its more pain than tingly/pins and needles. I suspect that the pain will just evaporate into thin air, and just to ensure that happens, I have booked in to see a doctor about it. If anything cures it, it will be the fact that I'll walk in and say, my toe really hurts... and lo and behold, it probably won't.
I really dislike being injured. It looks like I might have to get fitted for some new cycling shoes as well. Aaaah, more expense, just what I don't need.

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