Friday, 16 December 2011

Phantom Toe injury part 2

It hasn't been getting better. I'm finding that as I walk, I'm pulling up on the extensors on top pf my foot so as not to press the toe on the floor because its so painful when I catch it wrong. So I did the semi-intelligent thing and booked in to see a GP.
I thought that one of 2 things would happen, either it would clear up and I would be running down there saying, oh, well, it hurt, but I just want to check that its gone, or, the alternative, I'd need it amputated, or the like.

It was about 2 days ago when I booked the appointment so I figured it would give it time to play its cards, as it were. This morning, yes, the pain is certainly still there, I was hobbling all the way down to the doctors, ah well, amputation it is then.
The toe is ever so slightly more red than the others, but there appears to be nothing more wrong with it than that. Except that it REALLY hurts when I weight it.

Told all this to the doctor, who looked very serious, prodded it. I said OW! in the appropriate places, hmms, and haahs, and a quick look with the light thing, and a not so exciting outcome.
As the pain only really comes when prodded in a certain direction (as opposed to being all over the toe, hurting every which way you prod it)- infection is pretty much out. No pain when squeezed from the side- verucca is out, no marks of any kind (except where I tried stabbing it with a needle) means it certainly isn't a blister.

Hmmm. So it would appear that it is simply chronic inflammation. Either that or its gout. Which is pretty unlikely considering the food that we eat- also, the pain is under the fatty pad, not in the joint as gout would tend to be. So there you have it. Inflammationm, probably exacerbated by my needle stabbing. Go away and have 3x 400mg of ibuprofen per day for the next week and see how you go.

So no real diganosis, and direction to take ibuprofen. To be fair, if it is chronic inflammation the best thing to do is probably take ibuprofen and rest it. More non-running and non-cycling days. Still, it is the depths of winter, maybe putting on a bit of fat wouldn't hurt the core temperature!

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