Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Run over Bleaklow

After that last post, I dont want to seem like I am going to become obsessed with numbers. The enjoyment of a sport can be dampened by the participants thirst for making the numbers better. How fast they are going, how many calories they are burning etc.
As soon as running and biking stops becoming the main priority- as soon as I am going out only for numbers, that is when I am going to stop using my watch. That is the point where it gets silly.
For the moment, I intend to use numbers as a guide, to show me when I am getting faster, but the over-riding principle is, the activity itself has to remain fun.

In that vein, I went out on my second run of the week today, up over Bleaklow, again not really looking at numbers, (I have to admit here that I havent started the Heart rate monitoring yet- I'm only using it as a retrospective tool) and just ran across the moor and back again.
It was misty and claggy, I saw no-one else, save a couple of sheep and a couple of Hares which are half grey and half white at the moment. Picked out a couple of trods that I've never seen or been along before and had a rather fantastic time. As I came back over the top, the mist lifted and the entire hill was in view, the sun was out in places, and there was a great atmosphere, I need to start running with a camera more.

I must hasten to add that I fell over 5 times, which wouldn't really have done a camera much good. It would seem that its got a bit wet and slippy for Roclites. If you are up on the tops in anything less than something with a ridiculous amount of grip- take care, and be ready to fall.
Baregrips are the way forward for the time being.
Unless I see my way to getting a pair of Mudclaws... mmmm. More stuff to break.


  1. I took a lovely tumble in my Roclites last night...

  2. Yeah... Im beginning to think that I might need something with a little more bite...