Friday, 7 October 2011

October Dark Peak Calendar box

Had rather a delightful run up to find the calendar box a couple of days ago. We looked at the clues and had a think about them. One of them, I really didn't understand (if anyone knows why the random letters were capitalised, it would be very interesting to know)!
We went with common sense and local knowledge, and went to find it.
As the riddle said, it was only the first part and we found another clue which pointed us in a different direction.
At this point, the weather had come in rather fantastically and we couldn't spare the time it was going to take us to get to the actual calendar box, so we took a picture of the "clue" and went back home, ready to go off on another day.

Unfortunately we were in Stockport and Manchester all day yesterday and couldn't get out onto the hills at all, (which was something of a blessing in disguise as it was blowing a hoolie with wind, rain, hail, thunder, lightening, and if some people are to be believed, sleet and a bit of snow as well)!
So this morning was a slightly better day to be out, we got togged up and wandered our way onto the hill. Apologies for being a little vague about this one, but its a great puzzle to work out, and I don't want to give anything about the location away.

The main thing about the trip to the box was that when we started doing these in April/May time, we were walking to them and gently ambling around. Lynnes leg wasn't having any of the "running" lark, so it was all about gently strengthening it up and making sure that we didn't overdo anything.
Gradually, we started running out to the boxes a bit more, and this time there was vastly more running than walking, up hills, down hills, across bogs, everywhere, it was fantastic, and I was very proud!

Exercise, tempered with rest, recovery and the right attitude is an absolute recipe for success.

A lovely morning out in the hills. Thanks Dark Peak Calendar Box people. 

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