Thursday, 14 October 2010

Helly Hansen Pants

I had the inspiration of getting some non cotton pants many years ago- Id had a helly top and I wanted that performance "down there"-
the thing that did it for me, was walking up a hill in wales with wet trousers and wet pants, and really really not enjoying it.

so the next day I went out and bought some helly pants.
That was in about 1999.
I threw them out about 3 weeks ago, as they were pretty much worn out. I used them day in day out for 5 years- commuting.
Climbing, walking, running, you name it, I wore them in hot weather, cold weather, wet weather, humid weather, they were awesome.

Towards the end of their life, they felt a bit.... mmmm... hard to describe, but not right.
However, they are the best things ever.

I now have a whole load of breathable pants.
If you dont have them, buy them. Its a life changer.

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