Friday, 31 August 2012

OMM Cypher smock, Preview

Starting out with a bit more running after a month or so layoff, (life doesn't half get in the way sometimes), I'm getting back out on the hills in search of a bit of peace, quiet and adventure. As you may well have read in a previous post, the Montane Spektr Smock didn't exactly come up to expectations in terms of a decent, rugged and dependable jacket.
There were far too many flaws with it, but that is all documented in the afore mentioned blog.

Having managed to sell it on to a lightweight traveller, I concentrated on looking for the next jacket on my list for trying out, and was able to come across the OMM Cypher Smock at Ratrace for somewhat less than the general £200 asking price, which was a complete bonus.

I have received the jacket now, a size Small (I was a medium in the Spektr). It fits well, and the key points about it which appear to make it as good as, and indeed better than the Spektr are that it is made of the same stuff, (3 layer eVent), but it has a hood with volumisers AND a peak, which means that it actually fits on my head, and doesn't blow around the place letting large amounts of wind and water in, it has a zip opening, which means that I don't have to try faffing around with the tornado roll system when the weather is particularly horrible (or indeed, when it is generally quite nice), and it is bright yellow.

Oh, and has a pocket. Not the most important thing, but when you want to put a compass or a bar somewhere, it is there to be used. Excellent.

I haven't yet used it in anger (having only just got it out of the packaging), but overall, it looks flipping excellent, and ticks all the boxes that the Spektr did not.
Its almost made me want to see a deterioration in the weather so that I can head on out and test it.

Rest assured, when I do, I shall report back with as many good and bad things as I can find about it.

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